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I visited Summer for pelvic pain I was experiencing. From my first visit she was professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and took the time to listen to my concerns. Summer was able to create a program that fit well into my routine. She was supportive at each visit and throughout my treatment, making adjustments to the plan based on my needs. Summer truly cared about helping me reduce my symptoms and getting me back to normal; I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking physical therapy!

– M.L.

I think the work you do is awesome and will definitely come back if I have any PT needs again :) thank you so much!
-Olivia Pichelmann

I met Summer through an event with WR Home Company. I loved the information she gave and knew I needed additional help through my postpartum journey. My body wasn't feeling like it should and I couldn't do certain movements or activities due to pelvic floor pain after having my second child. When I started I couldn't do a side plank at all. I would do up and it would put me right back down. By the end of my 6 sessions, I was able to hold a side plank with ease and no pain!!! Summer was AMAZING! She gave individual care and helped me understand my body. She not only was there for PT but also there for me as a person and got to know me personally. She is passionate to help be your best self inside and out! 


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